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Luna :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 1 0
Mother and Child :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 0 0
Soul for Rent
You took my soul for rent
Meshed mine and yours
In one brilliant blast
A bestiary
Now returned
As broken merchandise
Borrowed goods
You kept my kisses
But gave back
The crown I conferred to you
Crowded my thoughts
And crept into my dreams
Only to dissipate
And disappear
After draining me
Of affection
Leaving me dry
Our future
A fantastic film
Now finished
And foregone
Grow up
And get real
Great relationships
Are built on
Be glad
You got to
Get your hands
On my heart
Once whole
Now hurt
And riddled with holes
Born by your hostility
To my soul you took
For rent
:iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 1 1
Daddy Bruised My Transgender Soul
Bark to my back, on soft soil I sit,
Yellow house at my side and green grass behind.
I watch lizards sneak by and lazy flies flit,
Holding my orange to its twin in the sky,
Then against my cheek, careful not to drip
The sweetness onto my Daddy’s tie.
Daddy—He’s home—and I let the tears slip,
As I shrink back and hide.
He comes and eclipses the sun,
Grabs the silk at my neck, crudely knotted,
Says “Child, you are not my son”.
He adds to the bruises already blotted
On my arm, reminding me of who
He says that I am, a mistake- his problem.
He says “Girl, you best know that soon,
I’ll grow the courage to lock you in bedlam”
Years pass from my time under the tree.
I now am a man at the age of nineteen.
With my own ties and arms bruise-free,
And a Daddy who is no longer mean.
Old bark to my back, faded house at my side,
I remember the day I sat on earth turned cold,
Daddy’s tie at my chest as I sat there and cried
When Daddy bruised
:iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 7 4
Lion :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 0 0 Painted rain drops :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 1 0 Marilyn :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 2 0 Rainy :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 2 0 Blue and green :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 1 0 Bee 2 :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 0 0 Spider :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 1 0 Kitty :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 2 0 Cat :iconhisnameisdean:hisnameisdean 4 0


Thranduil :iconkohaku09:Kohaku09 7 3 Legolas :iconkohaku09:Kohaku09 7 3 I'm coming out! :iconjustinhubbell:justinhubbell 77 86 Present of the Past :iconfashioneyes:fashioneyes 173 84 Trees :iconfashioneyes:fashioneyes 142 79
the end.
I have picked up
the blade
and then drowned out
in the darkness
:iconsilveira-k:silveira-k 3 0
the shape of these hips
the strange part of that chest
this is not me
:iconsilveira-k:silveira-k 2 0
the transitioning
I'm drowning
In a million teardrops
That keep poisoning me
My vision fades in the dark
This weight is pressing my chest
I can't breathe
:iconsilveira-k:silveira-k 3 0
Y'all Are Eating Female Parts
For those of you brag about having “balls”
Stop and appreciate ovaries, because that’s what fruit is.
Plant ovaries include apples, pears, and oranges. You eat them all.  
And for those who think periods are gross
You eat hen periods for breakfast every day
You like to call them eggs, served with a side of toast
And if you think that breast feeding in public is weird, you make me laugh.
I think it’s weirder for an adult to drink milk from a different species, like a cow.
“Dairy” is from a lactating female. And it is not for an adult, but for a calf.
If you think females shouldn’t participate in the workforce,
You should learn from nature, for it is the female worker bees that pollinate and create honey.
And when you eat that honey, you should know that her throw-up is the source.
So if you think females are gross, weird, have cuties, whatever
Then you should stop eating, because now you know
Everything you put in your mouth is female. Hope
:iconanonymous376:anonymous376 16 13
Ground clear, sky blue,
how will I remember you?
The sun, the storms,
for which my heart still yearns.
I crave gold but just get rust,
what will I remember when you turn to dust.
Our bond is arduous,long ago torn;
can you feel these flames burn,
while I do, the skies also cry,
although those flames never fully die.
In my hands I hold,
memories untold.
These memories I’ll cherish,
our bond with little trust,
memories of gold and rust.
:iconnobelpoet:NobelPoet 5 0
Space :iconwhereicallhome:WhereICallHome 3 0 Still Life - Drawing Final :iconwhereicallhome:WhereICallHome 3 0
Gluttony grabs me at lightning speed,
I feel at once that I must feed,
Raiding the cupboards I stuff my face,
Stomach filling, self disgrace,
Rush into toilet, lock the door,
Hands and knees now meet cold floor,
Sink tap running to drown out sound,
Will keep my secret, I cant be found,
Head bent over the toilet seat,
Punishment for all I’ve had to eat,
Fingers scrape the back of throat,
Abruptly I begin to choke,
Vomit coursing over tongue,
Gasps for breath as head stays hung,
Flush the toilet, wash evidence away,
Back on the scales to check what I weigh,
Wipe the straying tears from my face,
Then close the bathroom door on my secret disgrace.
:iconred--roses:Red--Roses 196 64
Danger Lurks in the Corners of Love
My eyes meet yours and I feel a glorious delight
I swear it could have been love at first sight
Sure, we’ve gone through hell
And oh God, there was a moment I fell!
I long for your hand to lock into mine
For you to tell me “You look mighty fine!”
The silly pleasures take place in my heart
But then, once again, here comes the dart
I swear there’s no change inside your blackened brain
It’s not your heart; it’s mine with the pain
The things I long to see in a being
Are the characteristics you lack - they’re the ones I’m not seeing
With a kiss on the cheek,
And a hole in my heart that is the cause of a leak
I fight to say goodbye;
But how can I even try?
:iconwhereicallhome:WhereICallHome 3 6
Alice in Wonderland WIP :iconwhereicallhome:WhereICallHome 1 0 Poison :iconwhereicallhome:WhereICallHome 2 2



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